Rolling Tiger Warmer


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These moxa therapy devices are popular in Japan & Korea. Tiger Warmer and Rolling Tiger Warmers are designed for professional use. They are safe and versatile, suitable for point therapy, small area therapy or broader area therapy. These devices provide both a warming and massaging effect. Our complete range of tiger warmers provides you with more therapeutic choices.

Rolling Tiger Warmers (RTW) now come in three sizes: giant, jumbo and regular sized. The head of the RTW can be applied directly over a acupuncture point or a small area. The rolling chamber design allows the tiger warmer to be applied to broader area by applying a continuous rolling action over the area. You may roll it over a covering towel to insulate the skin from excessive heat. Custom made moxa stick is held by a spring-loaded handle with a hold-release mechanism and is combusted in the rolling chamber.  

Regular RTW Dimension: overall length 150mm, rolling chamber: diameter 13 mm, length 45 mm