Pre-cut Moxa Roll - for needle heating


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The pre-cut moxa roll is made of regular moxa rolled into paper cover. It has an overall similar dimension to the Pure Moxa Roll, but is pre-cut into 12 segments. During treatment, simply snap a segment off, pierce with a skewer and apply to the needle handle.

Caution: The heat release is strong and be careful of falling ashes. The heated needle with moxa may need to be removed after 3-5 minutes of combustion.

Dimension: 17mm(dia) x 16mm per segment

Combustion rate: both ends lit-up 8-10 min/roll segment

Quantity: 120 pre-cut rolls per box (10 sticks, each pre-cut into 12 pieces)


Instructions & Precautions

* Before starting, please pierce the moxa roll with a skewer.

* Apply the pre-cut moxa to the needles handle and squeeze it to ensure a tight fit.

* To avoid skin burn from falling ashes, make sure to use protection cover around the treatment area.

* If the patient feels the needle is uncomfortably hot, please remove the needle immediately.

* Leaving the moxa rolls, particularly those with strong heat release, fully combusted on the needle handle may cause burns injury.

* To remove a heated needle, always use a heat insulating glove.