Replacement Mineral Plate for TDP Lamp


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The replacement curing mineral plate is coated with 33 trace elements. When heated the lamp emits far-infrared rays in the 2-50 micrometre range. It has a effective life of 1000-1500 hours (approximately 2-3 years, at 2 hours a day, 5 days a week usage).

The replacement curing plates are designed for CQ models (Xian Er brand) made by Sichuan Bashan Instrument Company, the original inventor and maker of TDP lamps. There are three sizes of plates for the four models of CQ lamps.


TDP-MP-01: for old CQ12 models - 115mm in diameter

TDP-MP-02: for CQ27, CQ36 & new CQ12 - 123mm in diameter

TDP-MP-03: for CQ29 - 165mm in diameter