Hwato 6-Channel Needle Stimulator (SDZ-IV)


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Key Features:

* Hwato SDZ-IV  offers many features for its price.  The SDZ-IV is the forebearer of the new SDZ-II.

* Digital model

* Six output channels

* TENS Stimulator

* 3 wave patterns: continuous, intermittent and dense disperse waveforms

* Adjustable frequency 1-100 Hz

* Timer

* Battery or mains power

The Hwato Needle Stimulator - SDZ-IV offers high quality and reliability.  The best of its kind made in China. It's forebearer was the first Chinese needle stimulator to receive an EC Certificate. It is packed with features and yet simple to operate. The solid construction means the unit is likely to last many years of heavy usage and it's backed by a 12-month warranty.

At only $350.00+GST, it's the best thing money can buy !



1. 6-channel allows maximum of 12 needles to be stimulated simultaneously.

2. Adjustable frequency: 1-100 Hz.

3. Three wave forms to select to suit therapeutic needs: * Continuous Wave * Intermittent Wave * Dense Disperse Wave

4.The power output (micro-current intensity) is adjustable to suite patient's condition and tolerance.

5. TENS therapy is a standard feature. 12 eletro-pads are supplied.

6. Battery or main power operated.

7. It comes with all attachments and an instruction manual in English and Chinese.

8. Backed by a comprehensive 12-months warranty.