HACI Magnetic Needle Cups - Cup Set 8


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The HACI magnetic needle cups are applied more for its acupressure and bio-magnetic effect than its cupping effect.

The magnetic needle (or probe) exert strong acupressure effect without penetrating the skin. This is ideally suited to use in needle-phobic patients and in children, or where HACI needle therapy is indicated.

It also exert powerful bio-magnetic effect with colour coded poles (blue - north or negative, red - south or positive) with over 2000 gauss. The cups are small compared to regular suction cups, hence provide a strong suction effect over a small area.

There are 4 cup sizes: H1 - 10mm, H2 - 21mm, H3 - 25mm, H4 - 30mm.

HACI-8 Magnetic Cup Set:  H1 x 2, H2 x 2, H3 x 2, H4 x2