AcuMax Japanese Style Needles

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AcuMax - Superior Japanese Style needles

AcuMax is one of the best engineered and most advanced Japanese style stainless steel needles to come onto the market. Care, consideration and planning have come into every stage of the product cycle from its conception, to design, material selection, production and packaging.

The manufacturing plant has a state of the art, modern production facility. Extensive R&D were undertaken to develop this needle.

AcuMax needles are produced utilising the best quality material available. The premium quality surgical grade stainless steel wire is made in the USA. Our supplier has obtained certificates of FDA, CE, ISO9000 and TUV and is one of the leading suppliers in the global market. These certificates can only be obtained and maintained by adopting the most stringent quality control including the sterilisation process.

All AcuMax needles are supplied WITH guide tubes.