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1. To receive Monthly Special prices, please shop on the Monthly Specials page.
2. Discount Coupons do not apply to Monthly Special items.
3. When making an order by telephone, please ask for "Monthly Specials" to receive the discount prices.
4. When placing an order by fax or email, please mention the words "Monthly Specials" to receive the discount prices.
5. For online orders, Monthly Special prices should automatically apply if you shop on the Monthly Specials page. You may however elect to make additional comments in the Customer Comments Box under Check Out.
6. Monthly Specials remain effective till end of each month, while stock lasts.

Timber Massage Table on special


$290.00   $160.00
In stock
-save over 40% on regular price   -top of range massage table with all accessories and extensions   -Available while stock lasts... More

Standard Massage Chair on special


$176.00   $120.00
In stock
-Save 25% on regular price   -The saddle stool is designed with mobility and space in mind. The height is adjustable.   -It's... More

Harmony & Ki Formulas for Sale at Quarter Price

CODE: Harmony & Ki Special

In stock
The picture shown is for illustration only.  The listed price is the average price.  Harmony and Ki formulas are discounted 75%.  Available... More

Vinco Press Tack 0.22x1.50mm


$22.00   $16.50
In stock
  Item Code Standard Price Discount Price VINCO-PT2215 $20.00+GST... More

Knight needles - 100+ boxes deal

CODE: KSxxxx

$8.25   $4.62
-Discount price of $4.50+GST/box   -This special price is ONLY for orders of 100 boxes or more,  in total, of Knight needles.... More

Natural Premium Needles - 100+ boxes deal

CODE: NPxxxx

$9.90   $6.60
-Discount price of $6.60/box.   -This special price is ONLY for orders of 100 boxes or more , in total, of Natural needles.  ... More

AcuMax Needles - 10% discount

CODE: AMxxxx

$14.30   $12.87
-1 0% discount applies to orders of any quantity, for the entire range AcuMax needles.   -All prices listed on this page have been... More

Asiamed S | Needle - 5% discount

CODE: AS-Jxxxx

$19.80   $18.81

The Asiamed s|needle from Gemany has been proven, by independent study, to be the best needle in the world against leading brands.


HACI Magnetic Needle Cups - Cup Set 18 on special


$143.00   $121.00
In stock
The HACI magnetic needle cups are applied more for its acupressure and bio-magnetic effect than its cupping effect. The magnetic needle (or probe) exert... More

Professional CUPSET-24 on special


$195.00   $175.00
In stock
-Discount price of $150.00+GST   -Applies to CUPSET-24 only   -Available while stock lasts Item... More

Soft Case CUPSET-24 on special


$160.00   $140.00
In stock
-Discount price of $140.00   -Applies to CUPSET-24 soft case only   -Available while stock lasts... More

TDP Lamp - CQ29 (NEW) on special


$396.00   $366.00
In stock
-Discount price applies to new CQ29 model with jumbo head.   -There is 1 year warranty for new units.   -Our warranty covers... More
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