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We supply hundreds of Chinese Herbal Formulas.  The other Herbcare patent formulas include Water Melon Frost, Water Melon Lozenges, Anti-urinary Tract Infection, Sulfresh Sulfur Soap, African Sea-Coconut Cough Mixture, African Sea-Coconut Lozenges.

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Water Melon Frost, Spray Model - 西瓜霜, 噴裝

CODE: HA1001

In stock
Citrullus, Fritillaria & Scutellaria Formula Package Size: 3g

Water Melon Lozenges - 西瓜霜喉片

CODE: HA1002

In stock
Citrullus, Borneol & Menthol Combination Package Size: 12/ptk

Anti-urinary Tract Infection - 三金通尿靈

CODE: HA1003

In stock
Rosa, Smilax & Lygodium Combination Package Size: 36 pills/box
Acu Max