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TDP is an abbreviation for "Teding Diancibo Pu" (see pinyin under the Chinese character names) which translates to "special electromagnetic spectrum" The TDP lamp has scientifically been proven to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, promote micro- circulation, strengthen the immune system, enhance metabolism and promote cellular growth.

The "Xian Er" brand TDP lamp is made by the awarding winning original inventor of the TDP lamp, Sichuan Bashan Instrument Company. The "Xian Er" brand is the seal of quality and technical innovation.

The most common conditions treated by TDP lamp are back pain, shoulder pain and arthritis. Unlike conventional infrared lamps, the TDP lamp contains a curing mineral plate. This curing plate, the key component of these TDP lamps, is coated with a proprietary mineral formulation consisting of 33 elements. When the curing plate is heated to a specific temperature, it emits unique bio-spectrum of electromagnetic waves sized 1-25 microns, allowing for maximum absorption by the human body.

This floor model with castor wheels and flexible arms provides versatility. It's strongly built with metal cast and easy to assemble. It's mains powered with a digital display timer.

The new model (since 2011) has a detachable head unit.  This can be replaced with a Replacement TDP Head Lamp, sold separately.

Each TDP lamp is backed by a comprehensive 12-month warranty. Our warranty includes heating plate (element) burn outs, which other supplier(s) may not provide.

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