Hand Pump 24 Cup Set


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*These modern style, superior quality hand pump suction sets are strong, reliable and designed for ease of use.

*The hand pump is easy to grip and handle is light to pull.

*Simply start pumping when ready and this process can be repeated till the desired vacuum effect is achieved.

*When treatment is finished, simply lift the valve release to release the cup.

*The valves and pump are durable and designed for heavy professional usage

CUPSET-24: 24 light weight, hard plastic cups with smooth rim. The set consist of four (C1) 58mm cups, fourteen (C2) 50mm cups, two (C3) 34mm cups, two (C4) 24mm cups, one (E1) 34mm cup & one (E2) 24mm cup.

Additional features:

1. 20 magnetic probes: *10 blue (north pole), *10 red (south pole)

2. Two cups with dome shaped rim (E1 & E2), specially designed for use on finger joints, elbows & other hard to seal areas.

3. Two O-ring seals to further enhance suction effect.

4. Hand pump extension tube for those hard to reach areas.

5. A free ox horn Gua Sha instrument, 80mmx40mm.

Cups and the pump sit in a sturdy, custom-made hand held case lined with red cloth. Each set comes with an instruction & clinical applications manual.

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