Star Ring Formulas

We supply hundreds of Chinese Herbal Formulas. The Star Ring brand includes Chuan Xin Lian, Ba Lan Gen, Gan Mao Lin, Pearl Powder, Qian Bai Bi Yan Pian, Fargelin for Piles, Hayfellergy tablets.

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Chuan Xin Lian Antiphlogistic Tablet - 穿心蓮抗炎片

CODE: BA1001

In stock
Andrographis, Isatis & Taraxacum (Dandelion) Combination Andrographis Anti-Inflammatory Pill Package Size: 100 pills/bottle More

Gan Mao Ling - 感冒靈

CODE: BA1003

In stock
Ilex, Evodia & Chrysanthemum Formula Miraculous Cold Pill Package Size: 36 pills/bottle

Pearl Powder - 珍珠末

CODE: BA1006

In stock
Pteria martensii (Pear Powder) Package Size: 300mg x 12 tubes/box

Qian Bai Bi Yan Pian - 千柏鼻炎片

CODE: BA1007

In stock
Selaginella & Notopterygium Formula Selaginella Sinusitis Pill Package Size: 100 pills/bottle More

High Strength Fargelin for Piles - 強力化痔靈

CODE: BA1010

In stock
NotoGinseng & Scutellaria Formula High Strength Anti-Haemorrhoid Pill Package Size: 36 pills/bottle More

Hayfellergy Tablets - 特效鼻敏感片

CODE: BA1011

In stock
Xanthium & Magnolia Combination Super Effective Nasal Allergy Pill Package Size: 60 pills/bottle More
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